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“No Music!” Coco, Moana, and the Dangers of Overprotective Parenting 

Studies confirm that overprotective parents are doing a disservice by sheltering their children from life. Recently, a number of animated films have been attempting to get this message across to parents, most notably, Coco and Moana. Moana’s father lost his best friend to the sea, so he warns Moana: “No one goes beyond the reef.” In “Coco,” Miguel’s great great grandma became a single mother after her guitar-playing husband abandoned the family… henceforward, music was forever banned from the home. In my own home growing up, the “danger” was horses. My dad’s compulsive gambling put our family into a perpetual state of poverty. In particular, he loved horse-racing and betting at the racetrack. My mom was so traumatized by this that she forbid having anything to do with horses in our home. If I was just surfing the channels and happened to pause on a horse, my mom would shout “turn that crap off,” even if it was Mr. Ed. Parents put a lot of effort into trying to shield their children from *their* mistakes, which typically does more harm than good. Continue reading “No Music!” Coco, Moana, and the Dangers of Overprotective Parenting